Crashed on this island, you and your team are to survive for as long as possible. A transmission from crashed vessel nearby was received earlier, but the exact location is unknown.

Your crashed helicopter…

The “Lookout”

The sea arch…

The cave (with mineable rocks)

An overview…

Looks great I’m gonna play it right now. Oh crap my gmod doesn’t work i forgot. Great map though!

Looks good although it’s nothing too original.

Reminds me of lost coast, except all demolished.
Awesome map!

cool looking map, i’ma play in 2 min after i finish dl’ing kermites smgs again because my gmod deleted them for some reason?!? >:D
oh yah, with the “mineable” rocks, how do u mine em? sorry if this is a nooby question, but what mines things!

Prolly just Destructable rocks. Shoot em / Hit em with your crowbar.

The copter looks like someone parked it wrong, not crashed.
You’d think that it’d be a little smashed up.

Mineable rocks are for Gmod Stranded Gamemode.