[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gms_lagoon

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] lagoon for the gms gamemode

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] gmod, css, a brain, the abilty to read a readme!!!

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Welcome to GMS_Stranded

*First off, credits…

Mapping - ME
Island Layout and Idea - Druidbox
Models - Shiroko*

ok then, there is a readme in the zip telling you how to install the models because i don’t know how to use pakrat and it doesn’t work on my computer anyway D=.

gms_stranded is set in the middle of the ocean on 6 or 7 small islands, your plane has crashed and left you stranded here, blatently. Water doesn’t go off into the distance, because i forgot, and it doesn’t make much of a difference anyway =).

anyway, here is some pictures.



Downloaded and it works fine, very nice map.

bloody hell that was fast, thanks =D

Fantastic job billy, I’m checkin it out now. Thanks for the hard work on it again.

The Box

That’s quite alright, what is your steam ID?? we play together for a bit?

Erm…Why are the shadows splotchy? Why is there sofa chairs in a plane?
The water looks bad, and the sand looks horrid.
Over all 4/20.


(User was banned for this post (Reason: Replying to a thread just to say it's shit.) [event] 105801 [/event])


look’s good we need more good gms maps like this maybe, i’ll release more of my MD maps.

Thanks, just played gms for the first time, i feel it needs something to it, all i was doing was running round cutting trees, hitting rocks and making dodgy shelters, i think it needs like, something to happen, maybe npc attacks or something idk, i just thought idea of just building shelters for no reason was boring.

also thanks for banning that nobhead.



Well as a admin you can make antlions.And if your good with lua I guess you could add othere npc’s.

Water looks like crap. Increase the scale on the water texture to 1 x 1 instead of 0.25 x 0.25.

ok, does it look shit because of the repeatative-ness or the random big black circle - because the big black circle is my gfx

Mapping King!, I wish I had CS:S though, then I would be able to use this map. But it looks good.

Best Lagoon Survival map yet!

But I still don’t like the plane. You should have used a more detailed cylinder, and it still seems a bit out of place, :frowning:

That’s just nitpicking. Otherwise, awesome map! :smiley:

Thanks =D

i suck when it comes to things like, well making planes >.<

I’d make a really detailed one if I’m bored later.

alright then. if you want to

Sorry for a minor bumpage, but does anyone have a mirror or a link for this map? doesn’t have it anymore.

Is it the year of bump or something?

Indeed it is, however with good intentions.

shame on you 07er! expected better from you!