Oh Lordy, a fresh gmod STRANDED map??

This map has been floating around my computer for a while, so I finally decided that there wasn’t much more I could do for it.

This map includes a preconstructed wooden fortress for some defense, and this also gives players something to fight over, if they wish.

Happily accepting criticism, but that doesn’t mean “be a douche” :3

Enjoy! link

That actually looks pretty cool. I’ll have to download sometime.

Actually this is quite nice, Lighting looks a little dull, I’ve always invisioned maps for stranded as tropical places, possibly a good idea for your next one.

haha, thanks for the hint, but I actually got quite sick of the tropical settings :stuck_out_tongue:

I DID remove the fog though, now the only fog is in the skybox areas to show that it ends, which apparently some like and others don’t.

I like the lighting and the environment. Great work.

Make it HDR, that makes it look more tropical and stranded-like.