Yes! gms_sunset_V1

This map is nothing new/special. It was just something done on my spare time.

Area is set on a few islands somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a boat that circles to each island, but for some odd reason the stranded people can’t use the boats to escape!

Lighting is pretty, looks ok by the general stranded gamemode map quality.

Yea like I said, this isn’t anything new or exciting. Just thought I’d release it. Did it as a quick project to take a break from my others

Looks perfect for GMS.

Like Legend said the lighting is great!

I hope some servers will start using this.


Good job with -textureshadows!

I love it :smiley:

It looks nice, but the shadows irk me. They aren’t at the angle they should be at sunset, more like if it was midmorning or around 3.

Yea sorry, when I got the angles right, the shadows were acting very strange and starting in weird directions. I had to change it to this or you would be stuck with abrupt shadows that start before the prop.

Yea it was weird

Nice atmosphere.

Great stuff! Just what I’ve been looking for my private server. Idea of been stranded on an island is always the original one ie. Cast Away or, ehem, Lost…

Bottom line: Just candy for your eyes and good gaming experience for your mind!


Looks great. but one flaw. this is stranded game-mode; If there was a boat why wouldn’t you just go home on it? " I dont want to go home, I just want to bang on rocks until I eventually die of hunger."

Sink the boat a bit?

Hmm, maybe they don’t have enough food and water to last the trip. Maybe the boat doesn’t have enough fuel to head out, maybe they had rather take their chances here than head out to the middle of nowhere and die at sea? I dunno


Looks awesome, don’t really know why