gms_TropicalIslands_v1 WIP

Hello Facepunch! I have been mapping on and off for a few years now and have far more WIPs than releases, but don’t we all :P.

I play the Stranded Gamemode on the GAU Servers and am bored of badly made or samey maps (although they are not all bad). So I have put together a quick Stranded map using the ideas I have come up with from my many hours in the Gamemode.


I can’t seem to get these to work…

There is more information (and Pictures!) on the page, see below for link:

Updated version:

Good criticism is greatly appreciated! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The lights look terrible. Try to use light_spot entities on lamps, and change the setting of your light_environment. Right now it is quite flat.
And unless you are going for a mysterious theme, you should change the skybox to a sunny one (to get the tropical look).

And your pictures in the thread does not seem to work for me.

It looks quite dull and boring. I mean those leaning blocks or whatever they are on that island could work, but they’d have to be detailed and have some interesting texture. And your skybox and environment light is also quite dull. It just gives the whole map a sort of uninteresting and boring touch. Every good map has something that no other map has, yours hasn’t got that.

Don’t forget that almost all the models are missing, as the Stranded system it is currently being used on generates all the trees and rocks, as well as Antlion mounds from saved files.

All of the lights are Spotlights, with smaller lights around the lamps. Anyway, could you imagine a flourcent light like the ones I am using casting a spotlight?

Actually, it has something that no other stranded map I have come across has, that is to say, it has a 3D skybox and an area larger than 16000x16000. Stranded mappers tend to limit themselves to much smaller maps, of around 4096x4096 to 8256x8256. Also, the teleport room is more complex than 4 walls and some bad decals.

I will have a look at my light-enviroment. :stuck_out_tongue:

But despite the shortcomings listed above, you seem to have done the water right. :v: I mean the way it fades into the distance.