gms_tt_canyon.bps - Do you have it?

Hey, I posted this thread in the Garry’s Mod general discussion 2 days ago, but with no luck. Someone said I could have more luck in this section, so here we go.

I remember when I played Gmod Stranded in the old days and this was my favorite map of all. Recently I wanted to download it, but it is nowhere on the internet to be found. Every download link leads to, which was closed. I asked my Steam friends from old stranded but all of them had re-installed their Gmod’s so they’ve lost the map. Also checked workshop.
I also checked all current servers running the gamemode and none of them are hosting the map.

So, anyone got gms_tt_canyon.bsp in their map folder and would be kind enough to upload it?
Nostalgia :C


If you don’t believe me that it’s nowhere in the internet up for download, go ahead and try to find it, you can’t prove me wrong.

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