GMStranded - Should we revive it?

Should we recode/update stranded?
If you are interested, add me on Steam.

Don’t you think you are taking on a bit to many projects at once?

I rated him optimistic because you rated him optimistic.
Flawless, pretty pretty please can tazy4tazy be the new optimistic whore? Science actually learned things since you were last here.

Also, no. If people really want stranded back they should start over from scratch, the code (or maybe I’m thinking spacebuild) is just way too messy. The person who created that was a Lua hoarder, they kept fucking everything in the code, in case they thought it would ever need a use… let itdie.

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Or you can just rate me dumb if this entire post was dumb. I will know for sure if you mean I was dumb or if you disagree.

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Brb, I’m going to go eat my pizza.

Did I mention I live in Maryland? PM me if you wants to know what city I used to live in. Legit.

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with no so much sloppy code!


[Off-Topic]He has learned nothing he is still an idiot who thinks he is better than everyone for no good reason, I have finally got the time to start being active on Facepunch again so hopefully I will be as active as I was[\Off-Topic]

This project will not go far because people who meet on Facepunch rarely finish a project without it ending in a flame-war and someone leaving because they think they are better than everyone.

Like Science? :v:

i missed you

I usually take on a project and leave it around half way, then come back a month later and finish it, I rarely finish projects unless someone’s paying me for it.

How can you usually finish projects and rarely finish them?

He usually starts projects, and rarely finishes them.

If you want to remake it, then remake it. Nobody is stopping you.

Backslash :v:?

But yes, if GMStranded would be revived, that would be awesome! Tho you really should wait for the update to start.

What I mean

I start a project
Discontinue it when its almost finished
Come back a month later, polish it, and probably release it.

I only keep working on scripts im being paid for.

I’ve got GMOD beta

Welcome back!

Have you ever actually been paid to do anything?

For some reason I very much doubt it.

Paid by camecole1 to make a deathrun gamemode

Because anyone who read the Lua Scripter Hire Thread can see how well that seems to be going, you appear to have a 3 man team to code something as simple as deathrun

FuriousJack95 is coding it, I’m backing him up if he has any bugs. There is no third person.

And everytime camcole complains, I spent 10 minutes watching south park instead of coding.

Honestly, I don’t think many people would be interested in this sort of thing online anymore. Oldies have probably had enough (not to mention a lot of the maps seemed to have vanished) fun with it, and newbies are probably too busy logging hours on their favorite DarkRP servers.
Personally, though, I’d love it if it got some new polish.