GMStranded + Zombie Survival

Anyone?, I’d realy like this kind of gamemode to be worked out and made… Should be awsome.

…yea yea that would be really awesome.

i’m thinking of trying to make one

my ideas so far

bigass maps

fort type thing you start off in

day and night times

during day you can scavenge, look for more survivors, weapons, vehicles, supplies, build more forts etc

during night you have to fend off zombies

zombies can infect survivors

npc survivors can hide that they are infected from you

online game

also thinking about added extra where instead of fending off zombies you fend off chavs


there is more but it is too much to right down and of course this is added onto the gm stranded stuff
except it is easier to make walls aswell as finding bits and bobs

there are also trailers for vehicles and armored caravans etc not just airboat and jeep

any more ideas would be helpful

If anyone starts coding roughly what Pwned_666 says I’ll be glad to map for it.


Actually I did start mapping a fort for a Zombie like gamemode such as this.

Anyone who wil make this would be soohh… cool!

Add me to MSN : “” or steam : "Djessey

awsome idea i like what P3wned 666 said…and i would love to help

It would make sense to make your own forts in GMS and then fend off zombies

this post WINS

If the zombies can breakdown your fort walls or something then it would be really cool.

i was loving your idea untill you said
“also thinking about added extra where instead of fending off zombies you fend off chavs”
thats just dumb and inappropriate…

same. But its just an extra would propably NEVER put in =D

this looks quite good but ahh…p3wned i don’t get what you mean by look for more survivers (NPC’s or players) and the bits and bobs thing. however this looks quite sexy =D. and now to change picture >.>

It would get annoying, the food and supply systems would really need to be changed, to the point to where its either “I don’t care about my food meter” or “I always have to eat every 2 seconds to keep from dying”, and as for supplies, it would be hard to find lumber in a city without a large amount of trees.

Yeah, it would be challenging either way because you’d still have to go out and get the resources. But this would add an element to it that would be perfect for what I’ve heard described. Fuck if they ever did this, I would probably convert my darkrp server.

I think it would be more fun to just have normal stranded, except use the prop hate + breakable props addons, and randomly spawn a different type of zombie in a random location.

dont forget the turrets >.> that we can make or per-make >.>

Hey. I’m very keen to help out. I don’t know Lua I am going to experiment with some variables, and try it out on my server. I’ll post back if i make any progress on a fun way of doing things.