Gnampf's small-yet-alright European neighborhood collection

So yeah, after a long while and finally figuring out how packrat works, I decided to make some of my European-themed maps available to you guys. I made these two for an SFM series that never really got anywhere, nor did I really use any of the maps for anything other than a remake of the New Kids intro, so I might as well pass them onto you to see if you can make anything of them. Yeah, they’re fairly basic and minimal but I didn’t need fantastical fantastic fancy stuff for what I was originally making them for and I didn’t add anything to them for this release because I wanted to keep it as original as possible, but without further ado here we go:


I based Eurohood on a real life neighborhood in Maaskantje, North Brabant, albeit a lot more bare. One of the townhouses had an interior, but I gave up making it halfway through because I didn’t like the way it was turning out. But you can do whatever you’d like with it.

*Download for Gmod
*Download for SFM
*Download for the VMF[/t][t][/t][t][/t]


Like Eurohood, Europark was based ona neighborhood in Maaskantje while reusing the townhomes from Eurohood. Sadly, it doesn’t have a Gmod release because every time I try to open it in Gmod’s hammer it crashes. Darn! I’m still trying to find a fix for it and I’ll update it when I do.

*Download for SFM
*Download for the VMF


Also, special thanks to st112570 and Aeoncastle for testing them out. Also I’d like to thank Deutschland 83, New Kids, Berluc, and my dad dragging me to hobby shops that sold Marklin trains when I was a little boy for making me the biggest sperg for Europe in the southeast.

Is this a vmf upload as well?

They’re bsp uploads but if it’d be better for everyone, I could upload the vmf alongside what I already got.

Update - The SFMlab links are working and I uploaded the vmfs. Hope yall enjoy

It’s pretty good.

Now thats skookum choochin gud!
It would be nicer with some greenery on the outside or some kind of props. But very nice work there guy.
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that road tiles way too much. if you could up the scale or do some work the texture that would be great.

The road tiles are really that small in real life. But I could’ve made the pavement tiles bigger. But it seems p redundant to fix and rerelease it now. Maybe if I were to do another Euro-place, I’ll remember that.