Gnanigans episode 1 - inspired by the Gmod Idiot Box series

Gnanigans Mod 1, inspired by the Gmod Idiot Box, is a simple micro-skit style video meant for laughs. This happens to be my first Gmod video, but I am not new to making machinima (check my YouTube channel by the same username to find my other videos). Many hours were put into perfecting my shots and just as many hours were spent in the editing process.

All the credits and information for the video is in the credits at the end of the video. With that said, enjoy the movie!

If you enjoy it, recommend it to friends and spread the word :smiley:

flailing ragdolls around is not funny

It’s not really just ragdoll flailing. If you can appreciate other videos of the same style this one is really no different.

Watched through, you can see there are some scenes with more sophisticated ragdoll posing. The flailing is just comical chaos.