Gnarley Metal Frag/Armor Bug

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this and a couple of guys on the server I play have confirmed this bug.
Last night I had 3k metal frags ready to go for making my base armored. Grabbed the hammer and hit the first panel to armor and on the second panel I noticed that it wouldn’t take.
I looked in my inventory eventually and found that one strike with my hammer to armor and ALL of my fragments were gone.
I tested this out with a small batch and every time, no matter the amount it took all of my frags with one swipe…
Logged off and rebooted only to find the same.
Kind of a bummer to waste a day on crafting only to see them all blown in one shot. Especially since my base is just stone and pretty much exposed. So, i resorted to making single batches and using just the 100 metal frags needed per block

Yeah, this is nasty and seems like something that would be an easy fix. It makes doing a bunch of upgrades at once very difficult.

It’s a known bug and has been reported it should be fixed in the next update
(from Rustafied)
Metal wall cost
As I mentioned above, the cost of all building items shifted pretty drastically last week. One glitchy thing players are experiencing is with the cost of upgrading to the top tier armored walls. Although it appears to cost 100 wood, 100 stone and 100 metal. It is infact costing 200 metal and 100 stone (no wood). This is, if you have 200 metal on you. If you only have 100 metal, it’ll still upgrade and only cost 100 of each stone and metal. Lesson here: Only carry 100 metal at a time when upgrading to the armored tier.

:frowning: kind of irritated about this one… but I wouldn’t have known, I was picking up 10 stacks of metal at a time and going to town. I’m estimating I’ve lost about 15,000 metal fragments lost this server to it.

Many of us figured this out right after the last update. I lost 10k metal frags myself. I then started splitting mine into stacks of 100 and putting then in a small chest only pulling 100 at time when I need it.

It’s not the end of the world. Play on a modded server with gathering x10 or something and you won’t care.

Even on a modded server you still have to craft and that still takes time. 4 hours to craft 1k MF to be exact. And 1k MF will only yield 10 panels of Armored. So, that equates to a 2x2 armored without a armored door and no re inforcement on pillars

4 hours to craft 1k metal frags? Are you high? Literally just crafted 900 in 15 mins.

I’m bound to official servers forever. Garry is my admin.

But seriously though, anything above 100 metal frags gets taken too. like if you have 107… it’ll take those extra 7 too.

Im beginning to wonder about you if your high…enough /grins
Well, I dont know what super jack your server has but I just started on a batch and timed it…
no way was it 900 in 15 minutes. More like 200 so…I dont know man

You do know that you can fit 4 stacks of metal ore in your furnace at once, creating 400x metal ore for every 1000x wood burned, right? You are not limited to putting one stack of ore in your furnace…

By running 3-4 furnaces at once, I can easily create metal frags faster than I can gather up the metal ore and wood…

interesting, does that work now?:slight_smile:

Yeah, I create four stacks, and start with the three in the furnace. As soon as the first metal frags are made, I swap the fourth stack with the charcoal. Now I’ve got wood, four stacks of metal ore, and the frags in the furnace, with the charcoal popping out as overflow. If you already have metal frags, you can just put in a placeholder frag with all four stacks directly.

You can get 800 frags per furnace in around 20min (my furnace bases have 4 furnaces each so 3200 frags in around 20 min)

Place 1000 wood in the furnace and 4x stacks of 200 ore in 4 slots,place 1x metal frag in the last slot.

Also you can place 750 wood in a slot and 4x stacks of 250 sulfur ore to get 1000 sulfur in 13-15min.

Also when upgrading twig houses straight to armored,place boxes on each floor after upgrading the bottom floor to store the metal you are going to use in 500 x stacks (only basic boxes since large ones are too hard to break,500 a stack makes it easy to pick out 100 metal)

1x metal ore = 5 wood
1x sulfur ore = 3 wood

Does anyone know the rate wood burns at in lanterns,fires and furnaces ?(seems to burn the slowest in lanterns)

::feels dumb::

I had no idea you could do this…but makes sense. Thanks for the tip on that,will have to try that

I load up my furnaces then go play. Before I log off I make sure they are stacked and then I log out and go to bed. When I come home from work my furnaces are loaded with metal frags. /happyface

just hold 100 metal frags in ya inv and u can upgrade any pice to armored.

When the update hits (not today), it’s 200 each of wood, metal, and stone to upgrade to armored and the eat-all-your-metal bug is supposed to be squashed.