Gnome Chompsy hex

Hey,I would need the model of the gnome from L4D2 from Dark Carnival campagin.I’ve been looking round for any,but couldnt finds one :C I have the L4D2 on my PC,but I don’t want to port everything into GMod,I just need the gnome.Can anyone help me?I believe this should be rather easy and qucik to make.

EDIT:Misspelled Chompsky in the title -_-’

its on EP2. but if you dont have EP2 then i gues you gotta downlaod a model pack

Any idea where can I find it? would it be on

Do you have HL2 Episode 2 or not?

No,but I do have L4D2.Like 1 week ago I ported all stuff from it to GMod and the gnome was there,so I guess I don’t need EP2.Unless Im wrong,then correct me.

I don’t have L4D2, so I don’t know if the gnome is in the game or not. I’ll take your word for it.

Either way, why don’t you just port the gnome back into the game? It doesn’t require you to port all of the L4D2 content does it?

I use the VPK extractor.It extracts the pak01_dir file.So i have to extract basically everysingle thing from the game just to get the gnome.And after its done,the folder takes like 2 GB and I am running out of space on disc.Adding the time needed to find all the files that belong to the gnome + removing all the rest can take some time,while some people have such packs ready I believe,so hexing (or porting or whatever) would be much faster and easier for them.

I see. Do you know if the gnome is in any other HL2 game?

Well,I only heard about it being in HL2 Ep 2.

hey epicwolf… this pack has gnomes

Alright! Thanks Uncle_Earl! So happy now,please lock the topic.