gnomes in the wasteland ( after effects cs5 test) IN 1080p

for some reason i cant get the audio to work
any ideas?

audio issues could be caused by the codec your rendering in

i think i might have forgot to turn on the audio output :v:
what can i do to decrease the file size but be able to play it in HD

Question, how do you clip stuf into the ground?

Anyways, fairly good, but why a wastland setting? It doesn’t seem like the obvious choice. I would’ve done an abandoned hospital,apartment, e.t.c.

because the video was a test

And because you just downloaded gm_apocolypse and thought it was awesome.

But anyways, still, how do you clip props through the ground?

Needs more shake and bake

Oh, wait a minute.

Did the audio I believe gets seperated in effects prgrams like premier, vegas, and effects lab.

Did you remember to edit it together in a different video program later? (stupid question, I know)

He can make videos in gm_apoc if he wants to :colbert:
Anyway I really like the static effects

Eh… don’t use Amateur Cameras.

oh dear, the amount of hypocrisy in this post is astounding

firen up my lazar!

so i need to use movie maker to have the audio?