Gnomes of TERROR

Me and my friend messing around an decide to make an movie xD

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oh yeah,were making part 2…it should appear on this post soon…(no this is not bumb,just want to rent an free post for part 2)

Shaking the mouse is not really a pleasant effect.

Well done otherwise.

agreed, and the editing is poor. But its alright.

Not really my idea :stuck_out_tongue: he forced me to do it.

You have no idea how hard I laughed. It’s always the random videos that don’t make sense that I find funny.

Really? :smiley: That´s the same thing where i crack up!

Did you only play Fo3? if so please go purchase the full fallout pack on Steam before making anything referencing fallout

It ain´t any refence >:l we made this for fun not for god damn gasmask soldiers.

For instance were not making part 2… YET