Go back to to hell beast!

Meh, my last thread died with 1 post(love u castro), maybe this gets more comments!
Had a nice time playing with the colors on this one.

I think you overdid the blur a bit, you see the spear looks more like it’s flat and less three dimensional as if it’s pointing at the beast. I would also slightlty tilt the screen, inparticular the left side downwards, since you’re unnecessarily capturing the torch and the column. I like the pose on the knight dude, but the demon dude seems to be looking somewhere else as he’s falling backwards, i would tilt hit head more to the left side to make him look at the knight dude, bra

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Oh i think i know what it is, the spear is not pointing directly at the demon, it’s slightly higher, that’s why it kind of looks like it’s more flat

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I can help you with that :v:
Nice one

the blur looks a little messed up.
but anyways i like it

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good but yeah, the blur is overdone.
I would try around the .120 to .230 area on SDoF
Remember you want to make it look like it’s out of focus.

Yeah, that range is usually what I use for SDoF. Less really is more.