Go Fish 2

I have noticed that the maker of Go Fish 2 hasn’t been on FP in a good few months so this is why I thought I would bring back this wonderful game mode and get rid of all the bugs that we can find.

Are you giving credits to the creator?
Ofcourse, I am taking no credit whatsoever for fixing the bugs it all goes to LaZzA for making it, I am only here to fix some bugs.

What is the aim of this?
Go Fish is a very slow and very addicting game mode, you have to catch as many “fish” as possible, you can catch good fish which will help you fight off the other types of fish you can catch, the bad ones, these will do everything they can to kill you and your fish that you catch. You can gain money by catching props and selling them with your prop seller tool and this lets you buy better guns to fight off bad fish.

Why did you release this now and not when you have fixed more bugs?
That’s the hole reason I made this thread on FP, there’s no way I could find all the bugs by myself that’s why I need you, the good members of Facepunch to help me find these in my quest to make this game mode as popular as it was.

Can we have a link to the download?
Ofcourse, I am going to be using SVN only so that I can keep you upto date with what has been fixed.

What shall I do if I find a bug?
If you find a bug please post all the details you can, if you know howto fix the bug, why not be helpful and send me the fix, I will gladly put you in the credits on the SVN.

Activity image of the past 7 days.


This makes me want to remake my own fishing mod.

Maybe some competition would be nice or something.

Does anyone have any known bugs that I can patch up?

New SVN link.
In OP aswell.

New direct download link, running every 15 mins so you won’t miss any update.
Link added to OP.

I did host a server with gofish2 for a long while, so I do have a few suggestions, could you somehow include CSS weapons and other items installed on the server to be available as fishing catches? It was very fun with all the HL2 props and weapons, but in the end i wanted more variety and more chance to get weapons
oh yeah and whenever a bloody dropship was caught we weren’t able to kill it
same with strider and dropship, but due to a lack of RPGs, a buy menu solved this problem but not the dropship problem
could you block that npc being caught?

There aren’t any stupid catches like dropships and striders in this one, I will expand the weapon menu.

I’m running a server for this.

IP: gmod.legend286.co.uk:27016

Setting this up on my server.
Will post IP.

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It’s up!

I just added your server it says the gamemode is TTT and the server name is Prop Hunt 2…

Can you actually add stuff instead of just fixing bugs?

Sure I can, I just need stuff to add.


I get this error when running my server :
i get this error :

Couldn’t include file ‘gofish2\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ (File not found) (<nowhere>)
There was a problem opening the gamemode file ‘gofish2/gamemode/cl_init.lua’

Massive bump, well done! The error means that the file is not getting downloaded, I would start by checking your fast download.

Or just don’t use fastdownload at all, cause this gamemode doesn’t need that.
Unless you host a large map.

Not using any Fast-DL…
Just svn my server’s gmod folder => https://gofish2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gofish2/
changed my gamemode to : sv_gamemode “gofish2”
also just for be sure :
sv_downloadurl “”
sv_allowdownload 1

anything else i need to add to make this mod work…?

help ^