Go Fish Deathmatch

Hello, i was currently working on a gamemode called “Go fish Deathmatch”. I used the Old Go Fish gamemode and edited it and turned it in to a deathmatch.
What this gamemode is, is basically the normal Go Fish but with Deathmatch, or PVP. You can now fish out guns and kill players with it which will give you
+10 score. You can also now propkill people and you will get +15 score, but if you propkill someone with a flaming object it will give +30. I have fixed the
minus points it will give you for killing players. When ever you die, you still take -10 points. This is just a version i simply made. I am going to make more
versions and add more things to them. I am still learning LUA, So please dont be mean or say anything mean, since its my first gamemode edited ever.
Please enjoy it if you can!

Download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pfrr8xyku330m4/gofishdm1.0b.rar?dl=0

Extract the file and put the gofishdm inside of your servers gamemode folder, it should look something like this - i dont know where you placed it but this
is where i have placed it


Remember this is only Multiplayer! Will not work on single player. I will make it single player in a later stage.

A github would be great

Well you see, I made a Github account but i have no idea how i can upload it, ill try see if i can do something

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Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey dude - great to see you uploaded it. It might be worth making a video as well to show what it can do. You’re getting on quite well with Lua I see…

would be awesome if you posted screenshots