Go Fish


Go Fish by ReaperSWE and G3X

Go Fish is a one of a kind gamemode, in Go Fish the objective is to catch weapons, items, NPC’s, gain points and most importantly have fun.

When you catch an object, simply touch the object to unhook it.
Friendly NPC’s are colored green and will fight along side you to aid killing enemy NPC’s which other fishermen may have caught.

Use your weapon ammo sparingly to fend off NPC’s attackers, since ammo is limited.
This is a Players vs NPCs gamemode, work as a team because you’re going to get your arse kicked otherwise.

Points are awarded for being a successful fisherman, killing hostile NPC’s. Killing a friendly NPC will deduct points.
You cannot hurt other players, so don’t bother trying.

It features[ul][li]A new spawnmenu
[/li][li]Custom ambient music
[/li][li]It’s own HDR compiled map
[/li][li]An informative help menu
[/li][li]HUD elements
[/li][li]Compatibility with any map that has water[/ul]
The developer team consists of:

G3X - Concept & Input
ReaperSWE - Coding & Mapping
Pk191 - Music
Exilion - Testing
BurntFaceMan - Testing
Aztec - Testing

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=41848
Patch: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=41985
SVN: http://gmodes.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gamemodes/Go_Fish

This was real fun to test,
We hope you enjoy playing as much as we spent making and testing

Do not catch enemy striders…
The result is painful

The Help Menu


The Process of making a rod:

Then attach the hook by rubbing them together

And Bait the hook

Casting out

Caught a baby!

Unhook by pressing ‘Use’

Caught a Stalker, uh oh an enemy!

Caught a Bugbait…

An AR2, that’s more like it!

Fall in the water, and you’re screwed

Finally finished it. At Last.

About damn time. :slight_smile:

Sounds kind of like that map for HL2: DM where you could fish for weapons and used a melon as bait.

Is it single player or multiplayer?

It’s both, but multiplayer is more fun.


Lua King for presentation. I’m gonna test in a few.

Yea testing this was real good fun. Thanks for letting me test it :slight_smile: i hope the public enjoy this as much as i have.

P.s try not to catch a enemy alyex Because she is a real bitch. thank god for the my Vortagon ally.

I am gunna Host A server Called Homers Go Fish

Very nice.

As much as I would like to use this, I can’t. I cannot select the gamemode from the gamemode selector. I know I installed it correctly.

No you didn’t. Because if you had it’d show up. Make sure it’s not inside another folder by accident.

You must extract to the gamemodes folder, not Addons!
or it will not work

Edit: More Screenies! This time of Reapers outcomes :stuck_out_tongue:

Reaper has caught a friendly helicopter, good for him!

A little wait…

You might not be able to see it, but that’s an SMG Grenade

Catches a stunstick!

At this time, ReaperSWE caught an enemy pigeon, causing an almost neverending battle between the most inaccurate helicopter ever and an annoying bird that flies around the map, i have tried to point it out.

Thanks very much! I looked in the folder and saw the info.txt file and immediately dropped it in addons.

Also remember that your gamemode folder must not have a space in it, or Garry’s mod will fail to load it.

I made that mistake at first when I named the folder “Go Fish” :stuck_out_tongue:

How many different things can you catch?

Are there secrets? Like scripted things?

You can catch anything from striders to tincans. No “secrets” in that way though.