"GO GET HIM!"a random pic about random Spetsnaz who tries to stop a random terrorist from detonating a nuke on paris

needs C&C

needs more bloom

Really?i think bloom is not needed in-door.

the comma after the exclamation mark is not necessary and the image is a bit small but you still did a fairly good job on this

the contrast is too high and obscures most of the detail in the foreground

Thanks,But Photobucket image compression is sucks the original image resolution is 1280x720

photobucket is the worst uploader

use Uppix.net

well its the only thing i could do for removing Gm_snabbasanairfield Brown lightning and bringing Colours,Any tips What i should do For doing it other than Hard Lightning and Photo Filter?

that’s snabbasanairfield? quite impressive colour editing then

can i see the unedited pic for better analysis?


well damn, not bad, not bad at all

and i see the original pic was quite dark, so i withdraw my comment about the contrast

good job overall

Jesus H. Christ, that’s a load of blur.

blame it to the Super DoF,since my ghrapic card cant handle AA,i use Sdof to smooth the edges

you’d be better off going over edges with a very fine brush with the smudge tool i think. it might cost a lot of time but you’d get far better results. i think a guy here who used to post really smooth, very nice tf2 poses used to do that because his graphics card was awful

thanks for the tip.

Needs some focus. You have everything but the subtitles doffed.

I pretty much do the same thing with all of my pictures to catch things my AA doesn’t pick up on like hair and rough textures.