Go-Go Gadget Chivalry! Robo-Spy


Only editing was crop and eye glow done by HWECQI.
Original: http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/9757/ctf2fort0000xs.jpg
C&C and all that jazz.


There is no possible way that guy could be evil and turn on me later down the plot…

The blur looks strange.

-Cleanup Snip-

Yeah, I was originally planning to have them over the fingers but I just couldn’t get the size right. So I just set them on as if to be strapped to his fingers.

Its just regular old SDoF.

Isn’t the point of DoF to actually focus on something

I did focus on the Spy’s face, the sapper just looks blurry as hell because it just does, extremely low quality textures.

Very nice, I like the use of the medi-guns, but the fire extingisher seems a bit off.