"Go run, Ill shoot them!" Resistance dude shoots a m16 as a guy runs for cover

Eh, my 2nd rain attempt. there is Rain drops on them

Doesn’t look like running, and the M16 doesn’t suit the Rebels.

Rain is poor. He isn’t running, and rebels often use the Combine SMG1. They don’t use M16s.

Yea the rain requires a lot of work.

Agree rain needs work.
Running guy doesnt looks like he is running.
But weapon posing is good :smiley:

pretty much every gun in hl2 is real other than the obvious ones.
like the smg1 that is a mp7a1
the pistol is a USP match. the shotgun is a spas. the .357 is a normal magnum I just don’t know the manufacturer
great posing work on the muzzle flash.

The guy with the gun isn’t even looking where he’s shooting

Never use the noise and motion blur method to make rain

I dunno other ways

Strange rain but very nice pic

Okay, I’ll start off by saying that the rain is too opaque and is too much in amount. The “raindrops” on them aren’t really obvious, and the guy running just doesn’t look like he is. The posing seems good on the guy holding the M16 but I agree on using the HL2 SMG1 instead. I’ll still rate an arty, tho. Nice pic. :bravo:

Ah shit just noticed the muzzleflash

TY for comments

Yes, god forbid the rebels use a gun with better accuracy and better penetration.

ive saw better but ive saw worse rain effects on gmod

this is in top 10 though

But dose russian weapons fit the rebels?

The resistance might retunred to there good ol’ weapons like M16 and the Ak instead of using low end combine Mp7 peice of crap

Okay… so, how is the guy shooting when his left eye is obviously not even looking down the sights!?

Weapon needs to be up more. It’s too low for his head.

“…well… ok. If you say so…”