Gobul (Monster Hunter Tri)

That giant anglerfish.

[ul]Eye posing[/ul]
[ul]4 sizes (0.3x small, 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)[/ul]
[ul]Toggle ball via skins[/ul]
[ul]Toggle spikes via bodygroup[/ul]





Things to note
[ul]Model can sometimes cause Gmod to slow down (for me at least.)[/ul]
[ul]It is better to grab the chest and stomach by its back, since the majority underneath the model has no collision.[/ul]


Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

You’re on a roll, huh?

Gobul is easy enough, part Blowfish, Frogfish, Lantern Fish, ect.

Out of all the monsters you’ve ported, this one is my favourite.

Thank you very much!

Looks very good thank you
and i have a question there is any tortoise monster or something like that?