God crashes at startup. I have tried everything I have seen.

Alright, Gmod crashes without a error report at startup. The game starts with a blue screen before closing itself. I get a quick glance at the game on my library and see “syncing” but that is my only lead. I have deleted local files and verified caches over ten times these last few months. I have tired the -dxlevel 81 -swlevel 81 -dxlevel (my computers resolutions) and a few others without it working.
I have nothing but in my server folder and I only have the 5kb note that I assume is default in the addons folder. I on a PC with windows 8. I have deleted Avast and cannot think of any would be hold backs due to firewalls… Please Help!
Thank you.

Do other Source games like CSS, TF2 work? Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers. You could also try running the directx web setup

GS:Go, CSS, and Team Fortress 2 work.
I updated my Nvidia driver.
I googled how and updated my Durectx.
Tired Gmod…and it doesn’t work.

Thank you for the ideas though. We can hope something may work at some point.