God damn engine error not letting me play a map

Engine Error

Too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer (33857>32768) Tell a programmer to up VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE.

What sort of error does this mean? According to Rieda it’s because there’s a brush with too many sides, but how can this get fixed if it so?

This is the map. It’s actually a nice map when used with DasMatZe’s train.

The engine is trying to render too much of the map at once. Suggests poor optimisation on the mappers part.

The mapper is accepting feedback on his download.

What could be done to let the error not be received?

I made a big feedback and added a suggestion or two in his comments. I suggested area portals on every curve (or some curves) so that rendering the underground isn’t as heavy.

This man has potential.

use optimization technicians

on all unseeable surfaces, use the texture nodraw

I added another comment stating your feedback swampie.

Technicians? I lol’d

Your second point is generally not useful, the engine removes any face entirely covered by another or touching the void anyway (hence most textures the player never sees).

I suggest this guide as a good starting point