God damn stairs......

This is the third time iv’e been raided so easily just with retards building stairs to the room they want… i wouldn’t mind if my metal doors got blown off but they didn’t they broke literally 1 door to get to my sleeping bag and stuff. This has to be fixed as there is no way to defend the top part of your house.

It is alpha i suppose but losing my stuff this way still annoys me haha.

You can defend against stairs by building foundations around your house and fill them with pillars.

People cant build foundations close to your spiked walls either, so thats a pretty good defense for this.

How long until spiked walls decay? or is it random?

You can still place a staircase on a foundation with pilars. better is just to surround ur building with ramps

Ramps can be meleed. Pillars on foundations need to be destroyed if placed in the middle and not the corners.

Why do you keep you roof open?

I am still building it higher and wont stop making it higher but at any given time I have a closed of roof. You need to blow up atleast 3 metaldoors to get by crate 1 and another 10 to get to the other crates. Besides that the house is a maze and you probally get traped if you dont come with planks.

And its in a village with 24/7 players online.

thats the thing they just build stairs to the room they want

Are they crawling through your windows?

a) You can build spiked walls around your house
b) Place your house so nobody can place extra foundations around it
c) Foundations with pillars around your house
d) Quite easy to figure out that newbie living in 2x1 house will put his stuff on the top…

my house was 6x3 and was in the second floor

stairs wont let you in a house if you dont have a window.

a) You need an entrance, destructibable entrance, so you can get into your base too. So the spikes are passable
b) Barricades, climb up
c) Barricades, climb up
d) You high? Everyone gets nightraided, not just 2x1 houses.