"God damnit Francis! What have you done!?" Louis pins Francis

Recently downloaded the Left 4 Dead models. This is my first pose with them! Enjoy!!!

C&C please.

So what did he do?

Zoey and Bill might get a bit wet :smiley:

I like the pose,

And the edits good
But the low res bottle in the bottom left ruined it D:

What did he do?


Oh, he totally raped zoey.

It looks like an affair is opening up…

That’s exactly what it looks like!

Spot on! It seems like something that Francis would do IMO.

oh god what the hell francis

“I’ma rape you back next time!”

Ah hah.


Thanks for all the artistics :slight_smile:

“I HATE consensual relationships.”

I wasn’t expecting anything like this. You blew my mind. Well done!

Francis told her the nude skin of her wasn’t much good:)

Nice work. Good posing. Have a palette.

Thanks Lionheart! :slight_smile:

Postures are really natural. How long did it take to pose them?

Left 3 Dead

Not that long really. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes.

Looks really good, except for Bill’s arm, looks like it’s about to slide off her shoulder. Should have been closer to her neck.

I’m sorry, but I see way too many of these poses now…

Holy fuck that’s an amazing picture!