God mode on startup

I can’t set god mode by default for singleplayer. I added sv_cheats 1 line in game.cfg, but neither adding line “god”, nor “god 1” doesn’t take effect on game startup. However, setting “sv_cheats 1” is working normally and I don’t have to enter “sv_cheats 1” each time after loading game. Using autoexec also doesn’t help much, because same line doesn’t work. Please help, thanks in advance.

try a map.cfg file i.e in the config folder put mymap.cfg with sv_cheats 1 then GOD on new line when te map loads it’ll read the .cfg file and exec the cmd’s " mymap.cfg is the name of the map you load "

Doesn’t work as expected. For example, I created gm_flatgrass.cfg in cfg folder and putted this: sv_cheats 1 god (in separate lines of course). Now I should enter sv_cheats 1 in console every time i load game in order to enable cheats. Before that, sv_cheats was automatically enabled every time. I didn’t had to enter that each time. Of course god mode is not enabling automatically. Maybe someone suggest an alternative method, that would work. Thanks anyway for reply.

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How about autoexec? Why did it allow to sv_cheats 1 being enabled by default, but doesn’t allow to use “cheat” commands like GOD by default on game startup? I really don’t get it.

are you on dedicated server where you have rcon_password if so try using rcon 1st then the cmd’s

Same in singleplayer. Autoexec doesn’t help much with these commands. Now I have to enter sv_cheats 1 and then GOD every time I load game.

Are you using the Sandbox gamemode?
If so, you can type sbox_godmode 1 in console to enable godmode. Or try putting it inside ‘server.cfg’.