God Of War 3 Models !

god of war 3 kratos:


god of war 3 kratos torso:


God Of war 3 kratos head:


Kratos W.I.P:


Ghost Of Sparta Arms:


God of war 2 Models:


UPDATED : TUTORIAL double post so the people can see it:

ok here is the tutorial on how to extract God of War chains of olympus and Ghost of Sparta Models:

1- download the psp ISO of the game.

2-download an Emulator called JPCSP psp emulator.usually the newest versions: http://jpcsp.org/

3-under configuration settings, you go on the media tab.

4-select export textures as png

5-and the rest is whatever makes the ISO run on your computer.(have to be good settings)

6-Once you do that, just run your ISO in your emulator

7-under files, select extract / export scene.

8-You’ll find a static obj file under the export folder with whatever was on screen in-game with all the assigned textures

9-If you have 3DS Max 2011 and up, once you import, it’ll load all your textures in the right place. *Unless you do single mesh import

10-then if there were opacity textures, occasionally, it will blend and require you to manually assign textures.*

11-This works for any ISO, not just Ghost of sparta.

12-you can actually rip all the models, levels and weapons no problem. Just be warned, JPCSP is an incredibly laggy emulator, so just a heads up.

hope this helps.if you managed to extract the models please post your work here. thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for Doakes for the tutorial :slight_smile:

What the?!

How could this have been taken from a PS3 game?

I’m not saying it looks terrible, but I’m just saying it looks too stunning to be fan made.

you got this from a PS3 game?

There is only glory in this thread.


A question to the OP: If you got this model yourself (and didn’t download it elsewhere), may I ask which program did you use? If you could provide us with the program (and if it works), then we may see more like this from PS3 games in the future…

to all the people who is asking how did i got this. well its a simple tutorial that i will show it very soon.
stay tuned for exclusive God of War contents.

Gets some rare models and then makes a tutorial on how he did it. That’s good stuff, man. Will definitely be following this thread.

Me too. It seems like we might be close to ripping from PS3 games at last…

I love the OP so much for getting the models from God of War, and I can’t wait for the tutorial. I really want to dig into Killzone 3 or any of the rest of the Killzone series.

This is just too awesome for words.

Is it possible to also get models from the first God of War as well?

it looks very similar to what I saw here http://hacker7utd.deviantart.com/gallery/ :v:

This came out of the blue. Great news!

Yep SuperCheater5 looks like this person and the dA person are one and the same.

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And huh I wonder if this is the tutorial he plans to post http://ps23dformat.wikispaces.com/God+of+War+II I think there’s also a tutorial for PS2 model ripping on the Models Resource site, but not sure if any of it still works.
Also http://ps23dformat.wikispaces.com/How+To+Extract+Models Now as for how this guy is getting PS3 models well I have no clue there.

From reading from his deviations, the Kratos model is a mesh mod :frowning:

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I’ll be following this thread.

OP may have used images from someone else, but if he’s offering a tutorial, I’m more than happy to wait.

Can’t wait to start extracting KillZone models.

God, I’d love to see a Aphrodite model!

I would KILL/Love for Killzone 2-3 Helghast models in Gmod/SFM!

Yeah you guys need to slow the fuck down. Getting models out of one game doesn’t mean you can suddenly port from all games, especially if they all run off of different engines.

Plus he said he can only get models from the PS2 and PSP games.

Never did REALLY got my hopes up(maybe just a little bit overzealous on my part :v:). Just saying that it WOULD be awesome if getting models from Killzones 2&3 were possible. A man can dream can he?