"God this place has gone to hell after the war." - Lost Soldier going through torn city.


Credits: Me - Posing
Punkrock - Editing

I really enjoyed editing this, even though it took forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Really like the posing, prop placement and his gear setup.

The fire effect looks cool and all, but it doesn’t look good like that. Like I said to you in steam, this pic was good but I don’t think it deserves it’s own thread.

Now the posing is good, but the fire effect looks… awful. I mean it looks good, but it just seems that it’s not in the right place, it looks like it is floating.

Exactly my thoughts.

I’ll take that into account when I do another edit.

Greeks did make fire on water, but never made fire in midair.

The fire effect is just plain awful.

The problem with the fire is that its too big mate, make several small flames and put some black smoke ontop to make it fit. (I would tell you how to do that but I’m pretty dumb at making fire too :C)

I like the map, prop layout, and posing, but the fire ruins everything.

There are ways to make fire inside Garrysmod you know… it would look more natural.

Is it a scenebuild ? I like it.

I think the fire needs to be blurrred out like the rest of the back

is his gun on fire or something? it needs to be in the background more, but otherwise it looks good, kinda bland

He’s holding a pistol?

the fire is so out of place and standing out really badly…

The fire doesn’t match the picture and looks out of place.
Also why is there 3 random sparks in the air.
The posing is pretty good though, arty’d.

Ey, you stole my old steam avatar

watch out mr soldier there is a bad flame effect in front of you!!!

Who, his avatar isn’t even the same as yours.