God2 v0.5

Tired of the old plain godmode, where you can’t die?
Well not anymore your not! Admins can say !god2 <name>(or no name to god2 themself). When you die, a big flashy holy like effect circles around you and after 10 seconds you revive. Also includes a neat holy angel like sound. If you don’t have god2 and you die, a lolufail sound thing fails instead of the normal beep beep beeps.

I feel so godly… I think I’m making Zeus jealous.

Can some post a video. This sounds intriguing.

I’ll post a video, give me a sec


Source recorder fail :\

Yes, a video would be nice

Ill try to rerecord it

This is really cool, haven’t tried it yet though, a video would be nice.

Yeah, I’m recording now. Maybe source recorder won’t fail like my internet is.

Just used xfire, wegame or fraps trial.

Does it give your previous sweps back?

no, you die and it revives you.


Ill just use wegame

Might still be processing

Sweet, but it would be better if it was shorter by a bit.

The video? It’s only a minute long. 30 seconds of showing God2 on, and 30 seconds showing it off playing the death sound.

If you mean the addon, just change the time between respawn.

Oh ok, i meant the addon by the way.

Its long on purpose, it’s a joke

Downloaded it