Goddamn it! (demoman unabled to wear his hat)

each new hats but 2 are like that(not counting older ones)
that’s pretty much how i feel:
fucking jpg quality again…
also:shit misspelling

muhahahaha poor DEMONSCUL

What is this. You can still see the green effect circle.

you don’t seem to get the point of the picture…
i left it to show how far the effect circle is from the object
some hats and weapon “upgrades” are like that

Weld effect hat to a prop, right click the prop with nocollide.

They’re all like that?

nah,only most of the new hats,all demo’s hats,custom hexed hats and some weapon upgrades like the kritzkrierg “tube” thingy or the Backburner dragon head thing


immah try that…

tried,the effect still collides with everything…

I hate that shit when it happens, can’t pose hats properly :smiley: