Goddamnit Horse, you aren't Robotic enough, you bring this Atmospheric picture to shame.

boredom spawns the strangest of things


thanks to wraith for the title idea, sorta

this is less text than i usually leave in a thread so…

i write vibrant erotica for a living.

the text is now of sufficient standard. enjoy

That’s pretty badass.

I wish there was some kind of awesome story behind this. I really do.

Ranger Robo-cock Grant is on a mission to hunt down the dasterdly fiend that is Shimmy McWalter GasGuzzler for poisoning the robot water hole.

and theres your story

There’s also a snake in his boot.

Glad you got a title that works.

Picture looks nice. I think I see some very minor clipping on his gun, but I’m not certain.

naw, his fingers just a little bent in a certain wat to obscure the hand block

His shoulder is a calculator. What.

so when he’s shot in the shoulder, he knows how many rounds to return fire with