Godmode for new spawns

Now, this probably wouldn’t work or would be hard to implement, but I thought it might be a good solution to fresh spawns getting killed. I was thinking about a possible mod that enabled godmode/PvE for a fresh spawn on the server. That way they couldn’t get killed immediately by the jerks wandering around in full kevlar using M4’s. It could last for 30 minutes to an hour because in that time you should have a home and a means to kill creatures and players with. It would wear off with the first shot of any gun or a shot from the bow or the second they hit any player with a melee weapon. I don’t know if this would be possible to do but I think it would be a decent way to make it a bit easier for the newer guys.

I don’t need this for myself really. When I first started playing sure, but now that I’ve put in a lot of time I do really well starting out fresh. I also host my own server now and I try to take care of the new guys so a feature like this would be pretty nifty. Anyways, it’s probably not doable but if it is, the person who made it would be the man!


soon, u will see the map flooded with invulnerable fresh spawns chasing and killing everyone else with rocks.

No, this is by far the worst suggestion i’ve seen on the forums. Go learn how to play the bloody game and understand the basic fundamentals about it, fresh-spawns have all the chances in the world to kill fellow players, kill animals and gather supplies.

If you’re tired of being killed by “full kevlars using M4’s”, then maybe you shouldn’t be a spastic and run into groups/players of who have that gear screaming ‘I’M FRIENDLY DON’T SHOOT’ then proceed to make either a stupid suggestion or complain on server chat. Play Rust for what it’s supposed to be, a “Survival” game, not some limp-dick game where you have godmode so you can have gear/supplies practically spoon-fed to you without having any risks.

far too exploitable, even with the restrictions.

Team up a couple of fresh “invulnerable” spawns with a couple of armed players, and you have a loot mining system which can take down other players, steal their gear, and then hold on to that gear as long as they’ve got fresh spawns willing to hold on to it.

Naked caveman should not ever = raid proof bank vault

yes yes so smart very good +1 to you sir :suicide:
i can see so much abuse from this…

  1. someone is raiding you, you respawn, take all the loot and run away because you cant die.
  2. you find a shotgun, run up to a kevlar guy, bam shoot him in the face.
  3. please dont.

Maybe 15 sec. Not longer.

Fuck no.
Just stop sitting out in the open, and learn to speak out about bandits attacking players which just spawn in, eventually groups of vigilantes will come to deal with them.

I have no issue as a fresh spawn but I want something for the fresh spawns on my server. There are ways to make this work. Like making it so they do no damage to players. There are ways to set those options since you can toggle PVP/PvE. So instead of hating on something why not give some suggestions on how to improve the game for fresh spawns. It’s really hard to enforce the no killing of fresh spawns with big groups who could care less.

lol one dumb rating from OP

this is literally the best thing I have ever read. Thank you.

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There is just no way for this to work. I haven’t been killed as a fresh spawn yet. It seems these issues only happen to people who suck at the game.

And I love how people bitch about being a ‘‘fresh spawn’’ after making/finding a gun and after playing for thirty minutes without dying.

They would freshly spawn in their base and equip full Kevlar with an M4 and go outside for a hour killing people.

Wouldn’t be possible if they were set to PvE mode and couldn’t damage people. This would only be a temporary buff for only first time logins. Not people who had played before. I don’t know about other servers but mine keeps track of the player ID’s of everyone who has been on the server.

The most fun in this game is the survival part… And the main thing what is fun with survival is to fear for your life. Do you want to kill the fun for every one?! People just have to stop being stupid and avoid contact with strangers in the beginning. This is not a social game based on the Care Bears cartoon FFS.

I think the OP’s idea isn’t in the spirit of Rust and also recognize the inherent competition between groups for limited resources but I find it bizarre that people so readily equate survival with being a sociopathic murderer. People in survival situations are more often forced into cooperation rather than competition (from hence we get the above mentioned groups) and it’s not like most basic resources in Rust are even scarce, food is practically a non-issue once you get a little game experience. If the Rust environment were sufficiently deadly (and death more meaningful) I think we’d see more realistic survival behavior which entails avoiding unnecessary risks and confrontation, certainly less attacking people for the lulz.

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

Rust is about challenging you and giving you the tools needed to survive. Right now, the game isn’t finished yet, so not all of those tools exist and balance is a to-do list item, not a thing currently in-game.

NO!! This has been exploited in pvp games I’ve played in the past.
Smart teams would use some of these invuln. players as spotters and looters and to hold their items. Too many ways to exploit their use.
This is a survival game and a big part of it is the you must survive until you get some measure of protection and established. You can’t tell me it wasn’t challenging and fun trying to figure out how to survive when you just started out. That’s what makes this game appealing.

At first I thought this was a small 5-10 second invulnerability so a fresh spawn doesn’t spawn in zombie, in someones spike fence, or on the tip of another players m4 and get immediately killed before their view even loads.(All of which have happened to me) I thought that was a good idea, however after reading the post and realizing your asking for new players to get a free pass on the only part of the game that is difficult in a server with civilized people(though I understand these are few and far between) I have to disagree. After about 15 minutes in game I no longer fear anything other than other players and lag, since those are the only things that can kill me.

A simplier solution
When player is protected from death for few seconds (aka after he respawns) he can’t also attack
He will be able to attack 2-3 secs after spawn protection was turned offf

Don’t see the point.

I don’t see Fresh Spawns getting killed right away on spawn. Sure it happens, but really… it’s not that bad.

First thing I would be doing with my God Mode, is running for the first Kevlar guy and beating him with my rock of doom.

~ C

To be honest, asides from the potential for explotation, which I mentioned above (and got a dumb vote from the op for, lol) is this really necessary for a newb?

What, as a fresh spawn, are you actually trying to protect? If you get killed straight away, you respawn with all the same stuff anyway, and a slightly different route to where-ever you were planning on going.

It’s essentially built in spawn protection for fresh spawns - if you die you go somewhere else, where the thing that just killed you, isn’t waiting to eat you again.

I mean seriously, for 90% of spawns all you lose is the odd bit of rock, a lump of wood or two, and any idea of orientation you might have had previously.

if you read his post correctly you would have seen this’ It would wear off with the first shot of any gun or a shot from the bow or the second they hit any player with a melee weapon ’