Godzilla 2014

Hey everyone! Would it be possible for someone to get the Godzilla 2014 model from the model game Godzilla Smash3 for Gmod? I know that obtaining models from mobile games is possible, most notably with Iron Man 3.

Thank you! :smiley:

Theres also a godzilla in the Strike team mobile app…Thing.

I highly support this. Apochedgie and RTB who are known for porting models have tried using a unity extractor but it kept crashing.

I’d love to have this model for SFM.

Here is a picture of what he looks like:


Just came back from seeing that movie. Best money I’ve ever spent on vacation ever. Wonder if the Mutons are there too?

Speaking of models, there was that one guy who did Gipsy Danger and possibly others coming soon. Wonder if he’s up to the task?

Yes, Muto is in the game too


I tried opening the files using the Unity maxscript but the meshes wont appear. Just the bones. Even tried importing every damn model in the game to the max scene; no godzilla mesh or MUTO. Must use a modified unity or model format or something. The buildings and towers show up! but no characters…ugh

Awww :frowning: there must be a way! (I hope) this design is amazing!

That’s because they’re onto us. This is clearly a deep and intricate plot thought up by the evil corporations who have been monitoring our porting activity on Facepunch. They are now trying to encrypt the models we so desperately want in order to prevent us from porting them into Gmod and SFM, all while they prepare to release their own lazy and poorly-made ports into GMod while charging us tens of dollars for them in an attempt to cash in as much as possible from the franchise.

Tis all a conspiracy. We must unite as fellow Gmodders and fight against the evils that threaten our porting and rendering way of life!

Download link.


Excellent. Anyone planning on porting him over to SFM/Gmod?

Pretty high quality models in mobile games these days, wow.

I rigged him up for SFM earlier, although that just crashes on launch so I can’t really take any pics.

Best I can grab right now are basic HLMV pictures


Hey Guys i just messaged all the gmod Porters out there on youtube and facebook and they might aswell download the link Thanks To you Tribalizer

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Can you do it for GMOD?

Goddamn that looks nice.

Why is he so green compared to this one? It looks like you gave him a shitty recolor job.

judging by the difference between the neutral gray colors on both of those screenshots it looks like your gamma settings on your monitor may be turned up higher than his
just a thought

Eh maybe, still looks like he changed the colors but I could be wrong.

The games textures for Godzilla surprisingly are green from what I understand. Also viewing models in different programs tend to alter the colors and poly.

Nothing a simple de-saturation job can’t fix.

I’m actually 99% sure the light was set to green in HLMV :v: