Godzilla 98 (Tristar 1) Ragdoll, where did it go?

I remember that some time ago someone was making a model for poser of Godzilla from the 1998 movie into a ragdoll. Since most old threads are kinda gone and the search function doesn’t work, I wonder if anyone has an idea where it is or what happened to the progress of it.

If the person who was working on it reads this, is there any chance it can still be released?

oh. it’s still being made.
this guy http://dragoshi1.deviantart.com/ is the one who’s making it. he’s getting help by annother guy to but i don’t remember who right now

So any idea on when it will be released if it will be?

no. i asked a few weeks back and he said they were still working on it. oh. and he says it’s gonna be around the size of the turok rex

Nice, hope it will be done soon :stuck_out_tongue: