Godzilla monsters

i ripped almost all of the monsters from godzilla unleashed.Anyone interested for a gmod port?

hi ,yes can you post them

i thought maybe sending a pm to you with them?

can we get pics

i dont know how to post pics on facepunch,i am really dumb and i dont know how,so i uploaded it on my deviantart, http://mariovssonicdp.deviantart.com/art/king-ghidorah-407625788

Alright so when you want to post pics on facepunch click the little picture frame with the tree on it next to the film reel and put the url in

Here it is for the lazy

thanks,anyway yeah thats king ghidorah,if anyone is interested send me pm

OOOH ,ive had a look , they’re pretty …well not worth porting, sorry

pity,well i guess its alright,but why are they not worth porting? it takes much to make them t posed like etc?

i have some ported already…much better quality

Hmm, Could I get these for use with the unity 3d engine?

i found the same monsters better this quality and t posed,u wanna see and tell me again if u are interested?

nah thats ok i have them all anyway

oh i thought u ported in the past,so who did you port? godzilla and?