Godzilla Unleashed Wii Characters

In 2007, Godzilla Unleashed was released for the Wii/DS/PS2. Over the few years it’s been out, only one of the characters from the game have been rigged, and put into GMOD. And that is Godzilla 2000. I have been waiting a while for somebody to make a legit Godzilla addon, like a new ragdoll or NPC, even though the Godzilla 2014 model has been released, it’s not good enough for a lot of people who plays Gmod. So, im asking if someone could rig all the character’s from Godzilla Unleashed wii, and make them an addon for Gmod.

Features- Face Posing, Eye Posing, Finger Posing, Different Skins, Multiple Sizes (Human Size, Movie Size, Medium, Large, etc)

Type of Addon- Ragdoll. Possibly NPC’s and PlayerModels as well.

I would do it myself, but I do not know how to do it, or how to get the files.

Would be nice if we could simply obtain as many Godzilla related Kaiju as possible and just include them all in one big pack.

I’m currently working on my first Playermodel, Legendary Godzilla. But I wouldn’t expect a release, considering this is my first attempt and will likely turn out terribly.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1423411 refer to here, and read, we are currently attempting to port Varan