GoFish 2 Remade?

Hello guys today I joined a server with the GoFish 2 mod… but a Remade. What it had beside GoFish 2 Beta it was fishing level. Every x numbers of catches you gain 1 level. At about level 20 you was able to make a new fishing rod… and others… I searched the mod on the internet but I didn’t found it… can someone tell me how to modify GoFish 2 Beta so I can add it fishing level and stuff like that server had? The name of the gamemode that server had is GoFish 2 Remade.

1.The server have a custom GoFish version, you won 't be able to find it on the internet
2.It don 't think you 'll be able to remake this thing since it 's coded in lua and you need to learn it :3
But you can lua request it

Yea I know… by “can someone tell me how to modify” I meant if someone can help me with it… so how can I lua request it? :smiley:


Anyone please???


Please! Anybody can help me with this?

Say pretty please.

Ok c’mon nobody wants to help me :frowning: Please :frowning: