GoFish 2

Here is my release of my re-created gamemode, gofish

it still has the same elements as the first game, but now has competative elements, the main one being amount of catches.

i have completely remade the original gofish with new aspects to the game, including a money system, so you no-longer have to catch weapons to kill the npc’s

you can simply buy them from the Q menu
the amount of catches is recorded and saved to be used in a leaderboard, acessed in the Q menu

to install it simply follow the readme in the zip file.

link: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=65368



Where are the credits to the original makers eh?
G3X and ReaperSWE.
Looks nice anyways, hope this gamemode get’s picked up again.

ok sorry about no credits but the only thing that i kept that was thiers was the help menu :stuck_out_tongue:

have problem when i die i cant` spawn

hmmm thats different, what do you get in console?

I’m going to try this out then host on my server. I’ll post how well it works later.

Good to see someone working on one of our dead gamemodes.

I see more than the help menu being used though.

Credit would have been nice but not required.

Huzzah… this is totally going on my server… I’ll post the ip as soon as I get it up

Installed it (Temp) on my survival server, works great, except prop seller tool doesn’t add money…

Can’t fish striders anymore?

Sounds nice, I’ll test it in a while.

sweet adding to my server

sweet adding to my server

During the entire period of time when im running my dedicated server, i receieve this error.
entities/fishing_hook/init.lua:77: attempt to index local ‘ply’ (a nil value)
Want to help this noobie out?

Nevermind, i fixed it.

Actually, you can change anything you want to be able to fish up in the init.lua file.

Hi, Here’s a idea for the mod. Instead of the water killing you could some one make an snpc or an entite of a shark that come’s and kill’s you.

It’s easier to do a damage function in the water since it’s pretty complicated to code an SNPC that doesn’t attack you unless you get in the water. But a nice new feature for this would be different kinds of rods, bait, and lures so you have a better chance at catching certain types of items. Like a new bait for a bigger chance of catching a friendly Hunter for instance.

Got it on my server and all I can say is great job, this is the server IP:

Can you tell me how fixed it?