GoFish server not working, need help!

Hello Facepunchers!
I have been trying to get my GoFish server to work properly the past two days but I seriously can’t get it to work.
The gamemode is running and it works to type !rod, !hook and !bait, it also works to fish and get “fishes”.

The things that won’t work on my server are:

  • The Q menu doesn’t work.
  • The text that’s supposed to be at the upper right corner isn’t there.
  • The help menu doesn’t work.

I have installed the original GoFish gamemode and it is correctly installed, I have reinstalled it many times and I’m also using the SVN version, nothing works.
What shall I do to make GoFish work correctly on my server? I don’t know how to solve this problem, I really need your help guys!

Any errors?

You’ve just told us. Hi, my game is installed, and I’ve done everything right. It won’t work, fix it. We need error messages or specific code as per the parts that won’t work. Nobody is going to sort through the game for you.

No I didn’t, I explained everything I know about the problem and kindly asked for help, I didn’t tell you to fix it.
If I saw any errors, I would tell you guys about them, isn’t that pretty obvious since I am trying to find a solution to this problem?

So no, I don’t get any errors, these messages are the only things that I don’t really know what they are:

— Missing Vgui material vgui/…\vgui\icon_con_high
— Missing Vgui material vgui/…/vgui/icon_con_high.vmt


Netchannel: failed reading message svc_UserMessage from

Thanks for trying to help me guys!

Sounds like a clientside error.

What do you mean themaw?

I get no error messages and everything is correctly installed, that’s why I don’t know what to do and I haven’t heard anyone else with this problem.
If you want to join and see the server for yourself, join (Not advertising T__T)

I just found something out, almost.
I created a listen server with the GoFish mod and just played for some minutes and then I quitted GMOD, I joined my dedicated server after a while and now it works! :S How is that possible?
So something got fixed when I created the listen server… Hmm… But it’s still not working for other players…
This is making me crazy, it doesn’t make any sense.

It isn’t meant for singleplayer use, run it on a server and join, like you said.

What do you mean nivek?
Well, I know how to fix the problem now but it’s still not how it should be.
A friend did the same thing as I did, then it worked, he installed the mod himself and created his own server, then he connected to my server and now it works for him too.
So the problem is that my server won’t upload the gamemode files or something to the players who connects.
So, anyone know how I can make the players who connects to get GoFish to work right away? So they don’t have to download & install it themselves to get it to work.

sv_allowdownload 1

Already have sv_allowdownload 1 and sv_allowupload 1, I also have sv_downloadurl which is hooked up to my webserver.