Going for a Sunday drive.


I like the second more, just because of the little details such as the evidence of glass in the windscreen and the blurs taking out low textures of the steering wheel. Although the cracks are a little exaggerated.

The hand and effects are very nicely done in the first though.

That’s actually pretty decent, i am in love with the hands of the player.

You did a very nice job with these two pictures Enhanced, it’s nice to see you branch out into a new genre of screenshots every once in a while. The first one has great lighting, especially on the gun, but the Rim lighting on the smoker is also very impressive. I felt you could’ve included just a few more zombies in the background though. As for the second, I can understand you put it as a bonus, while it is a great picture, the broken glass could use some work, but I did like the use of the Counter Terrorist models though.

In all Enhanced, keep it up.


I thought the effects where just shitty so that’s why I media tagged it.

I think it needs more motion blur and/or DoF, but it is very nice.

awesome dof on the gun in the first one

i didnt even click the second one when you showed me (wtf when did we get img media tags) but its pretty nice too. the smudged blood from what i guess is the windshield wipers is a nice touch. i think the glass effect would look a lot better if it was the laminated style like cars have been using for decades hold on let me get a pic…


not implying it should be that extensive or large but showing the spiderweb shape

oh dear i ended up criting your less liked one. i guess theres nothing to crit in the first one, its nice :>

first one fuckowns. second not so much, keep in mind you’re applying the blood and cracks (which need work, as mentioned by rms) to a curved surface which is also slanted so the top is closer to you.

The smoker makes it look like hes really going to get you. Great picture man.

I’m requesting anaglyph 3D version.

I was playing the shit outta that game yesterday.

Recognized it as soon as the picture loaded.

Great job man.

In the second picture, it’s pretty easily spotted that you used the same glass break effect twice, and just rotated it and erased some of the edges a little. The glass breaking in general isn’t great.

Nice work my man.

i love the lighting in both of the pictures, so amazing. i love the second one except the blood seems abit off for some reason