Going from Legacy to Experimental....

I cant stand the new engine. It feels soft and floaty. With the old one, everything felt crisp.

Anyone else know what I mean?.

How far off being “playable” would you say new rust is?. Yes, I know it is literally playable right now, but it just seems to be missing most the charm of the legacy version.


I have clear steps to progress and build up my BPs. (I play solo).

  • get food, build a shack, get some cloth armor, sleeping bag, etc.
  • build a small base
  • farm buildings and red animals
  • I have several hours of steady progression - and the danger of potential raiders and other players make it fun.


  • kill an animal to get food, farm resources and get a few tools
  • build a large base with twig stairs
  • farm nodes and build metal walls
  • raid barrels forever to try to gear up

New rust doesn’t have that steady, fun progression Legacy has because 1) rad towns are not worth raiding, 2) barrel hunting is repetitive. Also, the map is less fun to play on - it’s more generic and bland.

Building is cool in new Rust, and landscape is pretty - but gameplay is not as fun for me as a solo player.

I’ve been following the new version pretty closely and I would say in about the past week or so the new branch has finally surpassed legacy. There are still some legacy essentials missing but the core gameplay and mechanics are up to that of legacy. I think the new branch has reached the point where everything seems to be excelling quite fast. Just in the last two weeks a bunch of new content has been added that greatly increased the mechanics of the game, their decision to rebuild the base game is really starting to pay off you can see this with all their updates every week and how easily it is for them to deploy new content as they develop it. Remember legacy, last big update added the rock and wood pile destruction animation and removed the zombies and think how long that took them to deploy from when the game first went early access. The engine is the same as it was in legacy it’s using unity, you mean the Procgen7 which I assume stands for “procedural generation 7”, I really like it makes the map more realistic and yet allows for servers to have somewhat of a random map to others. The one thing for me is that rust has become almost unplayable, I’m playing on my shitty MBPr(Macbook Pro Retina) and since they added procgen7 I can barely even play I get like 10-20fps whether on OSX or windows on 720p with everything on low mostly (around fires/furnaces) . Also theirs tons of bugs with textures especially if your playing on OSX, compared to legacy where I was getting 45-60fps on ultra settings. I think one reasons Rust was so successful in legacy was because so many people could play the game no matter what their computer specs are not just those with gaming towers. Idk, I’m bummed I can’t play anymore but I still think Rust is going the right way and the textures and procedural generation are beneficial to the development of the game and lets not forget it’s early access so it’s not optimized for all of us, just cuz you build a website on Firefox doesn’t mean it will look the same on Chrome.

Yup, the new movement is crap compared to the old one.

once the weather is in, fully functional and optimized, legacy will be a very distant memory. That said i still think there is at least an year or a year and half left of seriously development of Rust left after that its fun items and player made items.

Love Rust, and have no need to go back and play Legacy. Change is good.

I started on Experimental some months ago. I eventually went to Legacy to try it out based on all the “bring back Legacy” whining posted here stating how much better it was. I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

What I saw was a game that was fun, but with a horrible building system, a progression I found far too easy (I was fully kitted with kevlar, M4 and all weapon attachments within a few hours) and a gameplay style that felt more like one of the myriad of first person shooters out there once you were equipped.

I can see why some people liked it, but I’ll agree with most that this newer version of Rust is far superior despite its current unoptimized state. It may be lacking a bit in the gameplay department at the moment, but new content is being added constantly. And it has far more potential for future development as well.

Legacy was fun for what it was. But it was a prototype that had a lot of problems. I think they made a wise decision ditching it altogether and starting over from scratch.

  1. Do you really not get that most people bring up legacy because they want new Rust to be better and are now able to compare two systems and make good suggestions based on that. Do you really need to call it “whining”? How is that helpful?

  2. You admitted you did not play legacy much. I think you are missing the good points of the legacy building system. Both legacy’s and new Rust’s building systems have plusses and minuses. It is not like one is 100% better in all ways. Legacy’s building is very nice in it’s simplicity. Also, the progression from shack to small base with metal door is nice. I don’t think the balance of resources, time, and building on new Rust is quite right yet. It is a little bit boring - and I like in legacy how it takes time to gather wood and metal for a base, but not too much time.

  3. “I was fully kitted with kevlar, M4 and all weapon attachments within a few hours”
    This is not right - unless you just went out and hunted players and stole the items. It takes me 6 hours at least to find all the BP such as the 4 Kelvar items. This is from killing red animals and hunting boxes near hangar. It is a nice progression BECAUSE I cannot get everything in a few hours, but I can play for a few days (6+ hours) and be pretty well geared. Again, as a solo player.

Legacy has some good points not found in new Rust. New Rust will get there faster if we are allowed to discuss the strengths and weaknesses in both models. For example, the current new maps are great - and getting better and better - but it still was a huge loss that we could not they the rocky-style map we had in legacy. That loss is something that makes the game worse - but maybe in the future they will solve it or we can make a custom map with the same great mix of open fields, places, and rocky mountains that we have in the legacy map.

  1. People bring up Legacy because they liked it. I get it. The design team doesn’t think most of Legacy was a good idea, hence why they scrapped it and went in a different direction. Seems to me from the low number of players still playing Legacy and the dozens of threads in this forum on that topic that the majority of players also seem to agree. Obviously, you and a minority of players don’t agree. That’s life. But honestly, I don’t see the direction of Rust ever going back to the model Legacy used. If you like Legacy, play it. It’s really that simple. Just know that the project is abandoned and what you have now is all you’ll ever get.

  2. Nope. Didn’t play much because it didn’t appeal to me much. It was fun, but got old really quick. Seems like we plateaued at the same level as everyone else in a few hours. There was nothing left to do at that point but run around shooting people like it was Counterstrike.

  3. 4 of us went in together. Only 1 of us had played it before and put some significant time into it. Within about 3 hours, we had a nice wood base and were fully kitted. We didn’t play for a weekend, came back and found our base gone from decay. We joined another server a few days later, and it was the same. We were geared in a few hours. As a contrast, it took us 5 weeks to get all the BPs we needed in this last run on the new Rust.

So yeah, I’m much happier with this newer Rust. It’s not perfect. It has balance and performance issues. But those will get taken care of in due time. Not saying Legacy was bad. But it was a prototype - a draft build. And that’s all it ever will be at this point. Sucks for those that like it, but that’s the way it is.

5 weeks? How did you survive the wipes?

This is blatantly untrue: “The design team doesn’t think most of Legacy was a good idea, hence why they scrapped it and went in a different direction.”

That is not the reason at all why they decided to recode the game in a newer version of Unity. It was never about changing the direction of the game. They did change some things with the new version, but the basic model is the same (build a shelter, loot, PvP, combat, etc.).

If you care to learn the truth, you can look in the dev blogs and see the reasons why they decided to switch Unity versions. One reason was because the code was not good. It was never about changing the direction of the game.

Really, there is no need to argue with anyone who says X was good in Legacy. It is better to address the specific point someone brings up (instead of dismissing something solely because it is in Legacy), but you might need the actual experience of a feature in legacy to be able to comment on it.

What I really miss from legacy is :
Movement speed and general swiftness
Jump height
Stability (less head bobbing and useless head movement)
Durable rock
Radtowns and red animals (barrels… seriously??)
Animals that you could run away from and did not kill you in one hit
The way the main menu loads up and you still can move the window around
Being able to reliably find yourself (and your friends) on the map (not saying it’s impossible atm)
Raidable bases (no rock bases)
Soloability (progress for solo players is so, so slow)
Locks for doors (let’s face it key locks are a huge failure and you could loot 300 barrels before you get the code lock bp)
Seeing players from afar (not sure if this is fixed but sometimes players will just spawn in your field of view)

There hasn’t been a BP wipe in a long time.

My bad. It was 4 weeks. I forgot the last wipe was only 3 weeks back due to the issues with procgen7 and the 1 week delay in rolling out that update. That wipe came with a full BP wipe on the server I play on. It wasn’t until a few days back that my crew started finding good weapon BPs. Before that all we could make was the revolver and Thompson. We couldn’t make any armour either until a few days ago.

I follow the devblogs and twitter feeds, etc. I read all I can I know why they started the coding from scratch. It was due to shit code. It was easier to start over than fix the crap that was there.

What I’m referring to is not the code, but gameplay. Like it or not, Legacy and Experimental are 2 different games that happen to share a bit of commonality since they were from the same base concept. They took the aspects from Legacy that they believed worked well and included them and tossed the rest. That’s why much of the gameplay aspects from Legacy aren’t in the new version nor in the mind map. Some made it, but most didn’t. That’s why they’re different games.

There’s nothing wrong with liking Legacy. I enjoyed it. There are some things I preferred there as well. But overall, I much prefer the direction Rust is going in now.

“Experimental” is better in almost every way. I played lots of legacy and there is no comparison at this point. Legacy feels dated and bland in comparison. When you are areas where you get good frames (yes, this happens occasionally) the movement feels more “crisp” and responsive than Legacy’s stiff movement system ever was. I’d expect this to continue to improve.

A bit like cs 1.6 vs source.

Legacy is the classic rust, and always will be. Given the huge fanbase, there may be someone who will try bringing it back in some form, though most of the guys know the game since experimental.

Having 2.7k hours on legacy and 500+ on the new one, I must say they are both excellent games with some good and bad in both. At this point in time, i don’t feel legacy is superior anymore even though there are some things i really dislike from the new Rust.

The whole offense/defense balance raid-wise is my main issue with the new rust. C4 blast radius and wall penetration is over the top, gp craft time is a pain, walls in general are too weak and i feel the fact in legacy doors were weaker than walls made for interresting tactics. Raiding with tools is a bit op rigth now too in my opinion… Why craft.c4 for hours on end when you can destroy 4-5 walls with a handful of metal frags and a bit of wood? Heck i didnt try it but i m pretty sure taking down an armored wall with pickaxes is faster than crafting 3 c4 and equally as boring!

One thing I dont really like in new rust, is the way too much orientiation in the base-raiding direction. Also everyone always debating about that shit. I never had any fun from raiding or being raided. My most fun moments are from combat anywhere in the map, the tension every fkin time I walk out of the sight of my base. Uhh and those moments running home with a shitload of stuff, almost getting a stroke.

Nah, I dont really give a fuck about farming rock and wood, building a castle, then spending hours for raiding someone’s house by either hitting it for hours or crafting c4 for hours. First time I played, I only had shacks everywhere, and was never raided.

Different folks, different strokes, cause for me raiding and defending is 99% of my fun in Rust. The new Rust has less depth in my opinion in that department, it’s all about brute forcing stuff. I liked the way you could do chirurgical raids in legacy and gain big with little if you did it right… and how you could build to counter these raids and protect a lot, with not much if you had a clever design.

I don’t care much for PVP and yes, I’m that a-hole that raids you at 4am when you’re offline and I have zero shame about it. I fully expect to be raided when I’m offline and I’m fine with it too.

Then we end up never ever meeting in the game, just running to each others bases to loot them. That rather seems like a singleplayer/coop game, where you survive in the wild aganist the AI, and then loot the “custom dungeons” players built. I dont like telling that, but it is minecraft, only difference is that the pickaxe is your c4, and the mines are the bases.

I also cannot gain weapons for decades, thus I did not have a single firefight in the game since, only naked men hitting each other with spears.

I am talking too much, and play less, better get into the game now and see how it goes.