Going from Vanilla to Modded.. Help me out

Alright so my server has been steadily declining in the past few weeks and despite numerous efforts to get things back on track, we can’t seem to get it back to a steady population. We’ve done a couple of brainstorms on what we can do to help start it back and I’ve come to the conclusion that going modded would be a way to get more peeps on the server.

The main reason is the fact that A LOT of the new players just come on, do /kit /help /players and then just log off when they see none of that works. I’m thinking having mods would help keep the new players in without bothering our small existing player base.

So I read a bit on the different modding platforms out there and I can’t seem to find definitive answers on any of my questions, so here goes:

  1. Can you install more than one modding platform? I’m hesitating between Oxide and Magma right now… Can you use both? Is that a bad idea?
  2. If I have to choose, which of Magma and Oxide is better and why?
  3. Other than Oxide and Magma, what else should I consider?

The main things I would like to implement on the server are:

  1. Remove tool of some kind. If at all possible, something that only allows you to destroy your own stuff for a short period of time after creating it. I want a “oh crap” tool, not something players will abuse to remodel their base.
  2. A first time login welcome kit would be nice
  3. A /kit command, ideally one where you can choose between different kits (PVE vs PVP for instance). It needs to have a timer to prevent peeps from spamming it…
  4. Door sharing would be nice
  5. Anti-cheat would be nice
  6. Logging would be really nice… C4/nade use, kills/deaths/suicides/chat with date/time. I do not want these to announce on global chat though.
  7. Admin tools, is there some kind of improved admin spectator mod out there? If I could monitor fishy players without being seen/heard that would be really nice.

I’m open to suggestions as to other “must have mods”, I’m really green in this area I haven’t really played on modded servers so I don’t know much of what exists and what is possible. I’m a software engineer by trade too, so I’ll be looking at making my own mods eventually.

You can only install one modding platform. Installing both will not work, only the last one installed will function.

Pretty much the only real difference between Oxide and Magma is the language used by plugins and the plugin selection. Magma plugins are written in JavaScript, Oxide in Lua. One may have hooks that the other doesn’t, but that’s always fixable. It really comes down to personal preferences over language if you are a developer and plugin selection if you are a server owner.

For plugins you want, these would be my recommendations for use with Oxide:

Remove tool: http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/remover.284/
Kits: http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/advanced-kits.200/
Welcome kit: http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/advanced-kits.200/
Door sharing: http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/door-sharing.2/
Admin specating: You can’t really hide overhead names from the server, nor can you disable the sounds, but you can use invisible armor. http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/vanish.451/
Anti-cheat: I haven’t tested either of these, but for the most part the reviews are good. http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/r-antispeed-hack-with-auto-ban.471/ http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/azucheat-movement-check-fairfight.414/
Logging events: http://forum.rustoxide.com/threads/logr-abandoned.395/page-2#post-25256

You can view the many other plugins on http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/.

95% of what you have mentioned exists in RustEssentials, a standalone mod. Have you ever considered using Essentials? Also, Essentials, Oxide, and Magma are incompatible with each other.

as mistad said, what your looking for is in all 3 of them!

I have tried all three and find Essentials suits my needs best, closely followed by Magma, busting for an update to Essentials though, the new features incoming look really promising!

All the mods have their own pros and cons. You have to make a compromise somewhere.