Going further on game

First of all, i’m not here to cry about the fact of losing everything, is just a question, i know it’s part of the game.

My question is : Is that possible to have a big house, with like 6+ large wood storages full of resources, weapons, kevlar and stuffs playing you only with one more friend?
We got a plenty of items, with a big house, but it seems that you NEED a group do advance on game and not getting raided (lol). I just wanna know if there is someone else on the same situation.

It’s very possible if you find a place to build that is hidden with no foot traffic. If you are anywhere near the road you will get raided.

Don’t think so. It’s need atleast 5 people to def this place. With your friend you can’t win group of atleast 5 raiders. But try to build your home at Wasteland (there are not a lot of people, but animals and resources too).

I think something should be done about c4 and grenadse honestly. Sure they take a lot and a long time to craft right now, but compare them to waht u can gain for using them. To make a wood house that takes atleast 4 c4 to get to your gear is over 3k wood, and at bare least 1000 metal frags. Then in that is hours of gathering (thats been done while searching for metal parts) So all together maybe 5 hours of work. Then someone spends less then 2 hours crafting c4 and gets everything. Just because he was lucky enough to be able to stay online long enough to get the BP and resources required to raid

The trick (imo) is to build a small efficient base somewhere out of the way and definitely not visible from most angles.
Metal (or even wood) onion walls will help quite a bit… I tend to build out instead of up since I believe ceilings are indestructible.

I was able to make a large base with a lot of stuff untill about a dozen hackers came with their ambots/150+ c4/wall loots. After rebuilding several times I have a large base with a very small amount of stuff.