Going to host a DarkRP Server - Need Coders, UK Hosting Websites & Admins

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Hey guys, for a long time now I’ve wanted to make my own DarkRP server. To cut a long story short, I have no experience in coding or setting up a GMOD server of any kind. I’m good with computers, and have had Garry’s Mod for a long time now; but I’ve never hosted a server of my own. I’ve always been sick of the rules that Admins set on other servers, and to be perfectly honest; shooting those 8 homeless people in their makeshift shack was perfectly justified in my opinion. Needless to say, I’m looking for people who are experienced coders, people who know of good UK Server-hosting websites who will automatically install mods (such as DarkRP, DurgsMod and so forth), and potential Admins for my server if we get on well enough :smile:. I’m eventually planning on designing a website, I have my own YouTube channel that I’ve just made but haven’t used, and I really want this server to kick-off one day. If anyone could be of any help, please reply in this thread or add me on steam. My username is iinoneshallpassii, but if that doesn’t work, search for ‘Old World’. I’m the profile with the picture of my face. I’m preferably looking for a 16-slot server, relatively cheap but with good ping. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m a really laid-back guy. I don’t have a problem with the occasional RDM, and will happily mess around as long as it’s not at the expense of others. I’m 18 years old, I’m online 24/7 and look forward to meeting likeminded people.

So you want us to help you set up another one of the 200 DarkRP servers that plague Garry’s Mod, especially when you show that you enjoy RDM’ing people and find it not such a big deal? What would make this different than the shit ton of other DarkRP servers that allow RDM, or even the less shit ones that are actually structured that you seem to dismiss? Nobody wants another DarkRP.

We’ll see.

Sorry but no. Loriborn was quite open about this and he’s correct. How is this different from the already 400-500 DarkRP servers that are currently hosted? Do you think you’re able to handle all this with literally no knowledge of lua or setting up a GMod server (which you should rent not host, btw)? I mean, this is basically how every generic DarkRP server starts out. Guy comes asking for help. We say that we don’t exactly want to and give said person some facts on why. Guy comes back with a silly counter-argument like “we’ll see”. It’s the same thing every time.


Also did you really think it was a good idea to post this exact thread with same OP in another subsection?

I’ve just been informed that Facepunch considers DarkRP to be a stain on society. Thank you for your input, but I’ll politely move on from this thread and never visit this website again. Goodbye.

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I’ve found an experienced LUA coder who’s willing to help. I’ll see you around.

Not all of Facepunch considers it a shitstain on the game. Just the few people who don’t realise the potential if you can manage to make a decent server, with admins who can do their job, an interesting map, and a playerbase that isn’t completely retarded. Unless your server can actually provide something new and interesting, it isn’t going to get much love here. The gamemode should not matter at all.

See? It’s always like this. I’m sorry to tell you but you’ll have a hard time in the GMod community if you just leave when people start to give you some arguments to chew on.

I can also politely say, that most of Facepunch’s userbase absolutely and utterly hates DarkRP. I won’t speak for all of us but trust me, you’ll find way more people disliking this gamemode than liking it. The gamemode is ruled by the GMod kids who have no idea how to properly manage a server and even though you’re 18 years old, you seem to fall in that group (with no offense). You’re basically saying that all the 400-500 DarkRP servers are crap and their administrators are crap and true that. Most are. That doesn’t mean you need to make a new server which will quickly fall into that part of the community too. And it’s going to happen. Nearly all DarkRP servers that don’t already have a massive playerbase WILL fall within the first month of the server being rented. I’m sorry for being this pessimistic but that’s the absolute truth and you need to face it. Don’t come here and say “nah, because I know how to make this good!”. Everyone says that. Everyone. Only servers with the massive playerbases on DarkRP are able to survive and they are already amazingly bad. They live on the playerbase not the actual gamemode or entertainment.

In my opinion, DarkRP should be enjoyed with your friends on a local server or a server with password on. I remember having tons of fun on DarkRP a while back with my friends, doing actual stuff that was fun. Keep it to your friends and keep it fun.


HexpunK made a very valid point above my post. If you can do that and keep it away from being another generic DarkRP server, I’ll give you a high five. I’m probably just very pessimistic when it comes to DarkRP servers and the threads on FP about them. They’re always the same with an OP who has no idea how to properly manage a server and wants a team. If you can pull this off, that’d be awesome. Just do something different.

Everything I could say and more. Thanks.

I’ve found a guy who has his own large clan, I won’t state the name as it’s not my right to do so. He said he’d advertise my server, get people to play on my server when it’s all set-up. I’m here to cater to the newcomers, the drifters who are trying to find a place to fit-in, so on and so forth. I’m aware it’s going to be a struggle, but I have a number of people already who are willing to help. If it crumbles, so be it. It’ll be fun whilst it lasts.

I can host a server for you for very cheap price. ^^
chrian35 is my steamname. Hurray.