Going to make a RP-map.


I am going to make a RP-map. This will also be the first map I ever made. Is there anything special I have to keep in mind?



If it’s your first map, my god do not start with anything ambitious like a fully fledged RP map. Literally do small things like a single corridor, the exterior of a single building, generic brush based props - don’t go all out for a huge map to begin with.

I mean go ahead and take a crack at one if you’d like, but you’ll be swandiving in the deep end.

If this is your first map, set your sights a little lower. Get used to mapping, learn the basics of design and how to optimize in the engine. Otherwise, no one is going to use your map and you will open yourself to a world of critique.

Having your project shot down by the audience after spending so much time on it will break your soul. Even though you will feel its a good map, its your first one. And lets to be honest, its going to suck a lot. You’ll probably end up making some blocky structures that are way too big for use (unproportional empty messes of no/bad detail), full bright and just probably a terrible experience. And people will come out of the wood work with no real constructive advice because its such an eye sore.

Take a look at Boris (who is also fairly new to mapping and these forums), he was generally making shit and slowly released pieces of his work and asked for critique and support. And the community reacted very well, and his work has been getting better, albeit, still doesn’t look that great.

So what you’re doing right now is taking an initiative in learning the engine, but you’re approaching it very poorly. You’re expecting to make an RP map that is in a competitive market and asks for things to be well optimized, or good play through of it.

So take little steps now, ask us for critique and support to improve your mapping abilities. But don’t be releasing a blocky fullbright mess.

I am not going to make a RP map to compete with the rest; my goal is to make a small RP map, which would be big enough for about 15-20 players, and would have onle the most basic requirements in it.

I am not making it to compete with others, I am making it for the fun of and to experience how working with the hammer tool goes.

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Guess I’ll just start out with a little house.

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Okay, I have already ran into my first problem; materials don’t show up. I simply browse for a material, select it and then the window closes automaticly. In the small box in the right it does show the material. Then, when using the block tool (brush tool), I make a selection in the top view box, and press enter. In camera view, however, it doesnt show a material; just a box outlined with yellow lines.

Honestly, I think you should hone your skills on something that doesn’t have a set player size. Trust me, you’ll be lucky to have 15 people on your first map, or any community recognize it. The thing with RP maps, optimization comes into play and a poorly optimized map will scare people away.

Even if you’re not making it to compete with others, why begin on such an ambitious project? I guess the non linear flow of things really helps out, but in the end, its not going to be the best at teaching you on what you can do with the brushes.

If you’re so focused on making an RP map (which isn’t so bad if you got the hang of things) you should have a community that will help you along. Not hold your hand every time you cross a sidewalk, but if you run into a serious problem thats what the community is for. If you need something that you want peer review on, again this is what a community is for. Some people are going to troll you, but you know thats something that should be anticipated irregardless. But most people are going to provide critique and thats what you need to know what makes your work stand out, and that is how you receive critique.

So to sum it up, there isn’t anything in particular that you need to learn. I guess the one general thing you’re going to need to learn is the fundimentals. Creating primitives, using the tools wisely and to your advantage, your basic entities and geometric entities. Besides primitives and basic entities, you’re going to need to learn lighting. No, not slapping down a “Light” entitiy every 5 feet and calling it a day. In any map, light needs source, and that light should also fit the atmosphere very well.

You got a long way to learn, and there is many helpful sites out there that can help you get the basics down.

Interlopers (Tutorials)
Valve SDK - Level Design

Also, bookmark the valve SDK. This can provide you a lot of decent information regarding entities, and when/if you progress to this level: creation of textures and compiling models for source.
Don’t forget about us, there is still a good amount of mappers in this community that can help you out along the way. We can provide critique very well, you just need to know that you’re going to have suck that up. Critique is one of the most important basics in content creation thats going to do the best at improving your skills.

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Make sure you use the hammer in the HL2/bin Do NOT use Source SDK. It is broken. You can get it to work, but i’m not going to talk through that process, and I have over 50GB of content, and I dont like it in 20 different places.

I don’t have half life 2, I used the hammer in garrysmod/bin.

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is there a way to use the half life 2 hammer without purchasing the game? I don’t feel like buying a game I dont want just for its maps…

Sorry, providing any advise/answers for that request is considered warez.

Really? So I can’t make a map for GMod without buying a different game which I am not even planning on to have?!

Pretty much. That, or you’ll have to look outside this community to assist you on resolving that question of yours. Warez isn’t tolerated very well here.

right the 3d view window and select textured view the window might be set to wireframe mode

Use the garrysmod/bin Hammer editor, it haves every default HL2 content (from materials to entities) and it’s pretty much the same of the standard HL2 one.

That fixed it. Gosh, I feel so dumb :frowning:

Hey, can anyone give me a list of materials that looks like polished marble or marble or something similar to it?

Also, how do I filter out the building blocks. When I type in floor I obviously get floors, but I basicly want to be able to only see materials I can use for building. I am not yet experienced enough to use the decals and lighting effects etc, and having those in my texture list only makes it harder to find a specific material. Any way to disable those?

Richard, just stop, please.

Been, Garry’s mod comes with all the hl2 content. If you want things from counter strike source, you’ll have to move the materials and models from the games vpk into the garrysmod folder.

And if you REALLY want to make an rp map, make a house within certain boundaries, say 512 x 512, and when you’re done, save it as a prefab and make another. Rinse and repeat x20 then just place them around.

Its great to see the wave of new mappers here.

The VPK files of all the games that use source came with Source SDK. Can someone answer my above question? Also, how do I know I mounted the VPK files correctly? I added the css vpk file to my hammer editor but I didn’t see any new materials pop up.

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Im looking for that kind of material.

follow this guide to mount css content http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121098599

if you dont want decals or overlays in your texture search try using tile and concrete before floor i.e tile/floor

texture packs here http://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/real-world-textures/ also ceck out the site for some good mapping tutorials :slight_smile:

That’s not what I meant. If I open the “Browse” menu, is there a possibility to keep all the decals or overlays out on general untill I enable them again? And I really want to know what material it is I am looking at in the above screenshot; I’ll be using it for a town hall.

checking in hammer material viewer it looks like tile/tilefloor002a

It doesn’t exist in my material list? :frowning:

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Looks like I still have to buy CSS… Guess my “mapping carreer” comes to a soon end cause I am not going to spend money on a game I dont even like. Steam… they simply try to get money out of every single damn thing.

if its a custom texture you’ll have to either download the map its in or google for mable texture packs