Going to try out some new communities/gamemodes

So I’ve finally decided to get out from my roleplaying cave and try something else.
Does anyone know good communities and/or scripts that I can try? I’m quite open minded, so just say what you like to play :smile:

But for the love of god, no Roleplay, I want to try something except that.

Smash and Slope

quite funny

Also FS2:Stronghold if you got enough balls

NoXiousNet 4 lyfe

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a good gamemode, I recommend it


lots of communities with it

Tell me abit about it (Stronghold thing)

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It’s quite fun, but I don’t really enjoy spending alot of time on it. It’s only fun when you play with your friends.

The “fun” is ruined when 12 year olds are constantly accusing your of RDM even though they’re the ones who pulled out a Jihad bomb and quickly put it away.

I agree, but I’ve found a few communities where the admins are fair and will deal with those type of players immediately

About 90% of the servers have one or more of these severe problems:
Inactive or abusive staff
Terrible community including whiny bitches
Unfair Donator Advantages
OP custom weapons
Inactive community
And other stuff.
But there are a few really fun servers with good and fun admins, balanced gameplay and a good community.

You seem like one of the annoying people who constantly bitch at me because I didn’t slay someone. Or tells me “SLAY <X>!!!” as if they have any say in the matter.


Best jailbreak/deathrun. Definitely one you should check out (if they ever stop getting DDoSed)

Definitely try them out. Their Jailbreak is the best in my opinion and the community is also one of the best.

SLAGaming.net. We got a very nice hl2rp, with combine cameras that automatically update your data files, and provides a very different hl2 roleplay that is close to the Half-Life 2 world.

We also got a TTT Server with achievements, shop, and more.

Did you ever try deathrun? Sassilization has a pretty well organized server set up and running currently.

Lifepunch Deathrun is also a good choice, no fretta bullshit, completely custom scripts, and the population is low atm so there might be some rewards for helping with that regard.

if you’re into building, electronoodles.co.uk