Gojira 2000

He’s ready to kick your ass (and your city’s ass too.)

Japanese Godzilla from 2000; from Godzilla Unleashed Wii. I’ve dubbed him Gojira since he’s the Japanese version.


  • Eye posing
  • Finger posing
  • 3 sizes (1x retro costume size, 24x game size (roughly the same size as the American Godzilla 1998), 30x Hollywood movie size)


Regular size:


Hollywood size:


Retro costume size:


Things to note:

  • Model is not symmetrical since it was ripped from the game and not ported.
  • Shoulders can cause stretching in some spots around the arm and shoulder, but I’ve made the shoulders flexible to correct that somewhat.
  • Bent fingers can turn a bit flat due to the low polyness.


Also on Toybox.

dat texture

Oh man, I thought Godzilla was x2 huger then that. Then again, I haven’t watched Godzilla in 5 years. Still, great release.

Nice job.

In some really old movies, he is actually bigger. :v:

I think it was the Godzilla from the 1998 movie. That thing was huge. Very huge.

Hell yeah ! Finally a good ol’ Gojira model (I never did like the Gino one).

Is that what its called? If so, I loved the Gino model. Its scary, but its never bad to have the old model.

Gino/Zilla. Has multiple names.

Very Very Nice :smiley:

Im gonna fix those textures up.

Bitches love high def textures.

We sure love when you swing that bling on our faces with some high def models.

HOLY SHIT!!! NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! (well, not really)

Thank you dude

Sees the name of this post
Thank you SO MUCH for uploading this! I have been looking for this for so long!! :smiley:

I love you.

Holy shit.

I Hope you will port other Chars from That game

ye, his height is officialy 80 meters i think tho screens and clips ive seen suggest anything from 50-300 meters

Godzilla nerd here. His height has changed from 50 meters in the Showa Series (1954-1975), to 80 Meters in the beginning of the Hesei series (Godzilla 1984 and G vs. Biolantte), and finally to 100 meters at the remainder of the Hesei (from 1991-1995). I never found out his official height in the Millenium series (1999-2004), but I guess a safe bet would be between 80-100 meters.

Also, thank you so much for giving us a Godzilla model. My prayers have been answered.