Golben Surfer


“Start prayin’ boy”

Faraon you on all screen rate dump. You will like if I rate dump?

We don’t have a dump rating :v:

Maybe you - don’t. But me and many people have

Do you mean the dumb rating? it’s “dumb” not “dump” :v:

It’s just grammatical error!

Golben dikc in haters’ asess erevy day.

Which you failed to notice… twice.

Agree! It’s my fault!

this pose looks lik a faget

your mouth makes me want to gently kiss you on your lips as i stare deeply into your eyes as i fall asleep in your arms…

it’s not a grammatical error (albeit you do those a lot)

it’s a spelling error

Let’s dump-a-dumb.


Lol praise the pic already?

If you not be a such swine, work was much better.

I love it. How did you make him gold? Was it that really obscure tf2 shader?

What? Your english is bed? No, there are no tf2 shaders, there is a secret recipe which belongs to me and nobody else.

it’s cubemaps/envmaps with a golden tint.

Don’t take ratings seriously. You should not take Faraon seriously either.