Gold/Australium Materials not working

Hi all, I’ve been messing around with some Team Fortress 2 weapons and saw that there were the “Australium” skins included to the weapons. I changed the weapons to the skins, but they don’t look very correct. Instead of goldish-shiny-ness, I get a flat, dull, orange skin on every weapon except for the Stock Scattergun. Also, I’ve noticed the Saxxy Award trophy item also doesn not have the shiny finish, and the Gold/Ice/Gold Wrench Materials included in a Workshop pack also does not recieve the shine.

Here’s an example of what I’m seeing (note- the scout on the right’s scattergun is the only weapon that works):


Seems like you’re not using envmaps

Thanks, I see. Should envmaps be on by default? And is there something I could do or configure to turn them back on?

It does look like nothing else shines. No material I can possibly apply that’s supposed to have a shiny surface just seems to do nothing.

It seems you’re on the right track, either way.

obviously you’re making chocolate models.

I’d wish it were that simple. Any other thoughts?

well did you try mat_specular 1 or set shaders to high.

i suggest asking in the model ports/hacks thread and post your .vmt

there are a lot of possible reasons for the colour but i’m not very familiar with source textures.